Missing A Tooth?

If you are missing a tooth there are three ways of replacing it at Center for Cosmetic Dentistry – A dental implant, a bridge, or a removable denture tooth. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. The best restoration is the one that is best for you based on your circumstances and desires.

A dental implant supported crown is often considered the gold standard of tooth replacement as it can deliver the most natural tooth. An implant is an artificial tooth root anchored to bone. It can last a lifetime as it will not rot and it is not prone to gum disease. The cost of the implant and the custom designed tooth can be similar to the cost of a three tooth bridge. Over a lifetime a dental implant tends to be the most cost effective and permanent way to replace a missing tooth. The downside of doing an implant is that it is a surgical procedure, but it tends to be a very easy one for our patients.

Man missing front tooth

man with porcelain bonded bridge

A dental bridge uses teeth next to the space to serve as anchors for the replacement  tooth. Most of the time these anchor teeth are crowned but they can be onlayed or even have bonded wings to keep the false tooth in position. This bridge is not removable. The downside of the dental bridge is that all teeth involved are joined together. This makes it feel less natural and makes maintenance more difficult.

The removable denture can replace one to 14 teeth. They are the most intrusive restoration as it requires the most daily maintenance. There are many different designs. This can be a good choice for short term use to improve a smile while an implant is healing. The cost of this restoration is less then the other options.

Is Your Tooth Broken?

If you have a tooth that is broken or decayed, that tooth may be able to be saved. At the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry we specialize in saving teeth that are badly broken and decayed. From dental bonding to porcelain onlays and crowns we have many techniques to keep that tooth right where it is. We can restore it so that even you just might not know that it is one of ours. Visit our photo gallery to view just how perfect your restoration might be.

Replacing a missing tooth, or even doing any restorative dentistry work, can be a stressful experience. Dr. Shapiro likes to help his patients understand all the options available to them for any care, and understand what is attached to each of their potential choices.  Participation in choosing their care tends to lessen anxiety. Once a treatment plan is selected Dr. Shapiro’s job is to then to provide that care in a very gentle way, providing each patient the results they desire. Call today for your complementary consultation to find out just how easy dentistry can be.