Can Your Dentin Heal?

Dentin is the hard tissue that forms on your tooth. You should have plenty of this located under your tooth’s enamel (your tooth’s hard, outer layer). This is important because it is the second hardest layer of your tooth (second only to the enamel itself).

It’s responsible for protecting your tooth’s pulp (the soft, inner part of your tooth).

How Dentin Becomes Damaged

One of the major reasons your dentin may become damaged is due to GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or heartburn. When this acid comes back into your mouth from your stomach it’ll wear away your tooth’s enamel.

Left unchecked, it can also eat through and damage your dentin. This can result in a significant amount of damage. If this isn’t what’s damaged your dentin, it may be that you have bacteria growing in your mouth, which will result in tooth decay.

Healing Your Dentin

Once your tooth decay has reached the dentin, it isn’t easy to repair. Unlike tooth enamel, which is incapable of repairing itself, your dentin can regenerate. Unfortunately, this will only happen within a limited capacity though.

This is why you’ll want to talk to us when you’re having any issues with your dentin and any damage to it has occurred. Fortunately, today we are able to engineer tissues.

We also know more about dental stem cells than we’ve ever known about it in the past. As such, we’re better equipped to help you regenerate your dentin today than in the past.

Even when you have dentin exposed in a tooth you can slowly have it repaired. However, we must stress that this is a slow process.

Of course, this doesn’t deemphasize its importance because you must remember that this is a natural way in which your tooth is protected.

Fortunately, it isn’t urgent for this to happen right away though.

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