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Dental blog picture #1: porcelain veneers.Welcome to our new blog. I hope that you will ultimately be informed, entertained and possibly inspired by what you will be reading on my new blog. Dental information will hopefully be abundant, but really, how much can you talk about teeth and gums? I am excited about this new venture and plan on putting out some interesting content.

I am amazed that I have been practicing dentistry for over 30 years and I am thankful at how much I still enjoy doing it. In spite of believing I have done some great dentistry in the past, I feel as though I am currently doing some of my best work. I am definitely enjoying it more, as my thirty years of experience has given me the knowledge and confidence in knowing that I can keep my patients happy by exceeding their expectations. Happy patients-happy doctor. Happy doctor-better dentistry.

Dr. Shapiro, Smithtown Dentist…and blogger?

I consider myself a lucky guy, I have a great family,  a great staff and great patients who allow me to practice my craft. I thank you all for being a part of my life.  And if by chance you are reading this and not a current member of my dental family I invite you to join us. Come on in, become a patient, allow us to put a smile on your face, you will be glad you did.

Mitchell Shapiro, DDS

More blog to come!

PS- I have already started working on my next post-it’s about microbeads, toothpaste and your health! Stay tuned…

Keep Smiling Long Island

What’s In a Smile?

Big smile with red lipstick.If you’ve ever looked into having a cosmetic dental procedure, you might have felt selfish about it. Many prospective patients view cosmetic dentistry as something that they have put off for a very long time because it only impacts their smile. But the truth is…a beautiful smile goes so much deeper than our own thoughts and feelings.

What can a smile do for you?

People with beautiful smiles are usually seen as:

  • Friendlier
  • Confident
  • Happy
  • Successful

Some research even shows that people with beautiful white smiles are more likely to be considered for jobs, promotions, and have better social lives.

Woman with a big smile.Many procedures that people perceive as cosmetic are really necessary restorative procedures that have cosmetic results. When you pair all of these facts up with how you feel about smiling, investing in cosmetic dentistry is actually a good investment in your quality of life! The type of smile makeover that you invest in can be different from one person to the next. We take your goals, expectations and budget to put them together and create an individual treatment plan that may range from anything from tooth whitening to porcelain veneers.

We Can Give You A Great Smile

At the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we won’t question why you feel one way or another when it comes to how your teeth look. We will simply provide you with an honest, educated voice when it comes to changing your smile for the better. Are you ready to get started? Call our Smithtown, NY dental office today.