Dangers of Sharing a Toothbrush

The toothbrush A toothbrush is a crucial tool in your fight against tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues. It is used to scrub away bacteria, food sediment, and other particles that may be hanging around in your mouth.

Because of the nature of the tasks it is used to perform, the brush should never be shared between people, even between spouses or long-term partners.

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Sharing A Toothbrush Is Not The Same Thing As Kissing

Some people reason that if they kiss another person, there is no reason why they cannot or should not share a toothbrush with them as well. This reasoning is incorrect due to the nature of brushing your teeth.

Remember that a toothbrush has tiny bristled all over it; at some point, even if you have perfectly healthy gums and teeth—to say nothing of the situation if you have some form of gum disease—the toothbrush will probably draw a little bit of blood.

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This means that sharing a toothbrush goes beyond sharing saliva, and can lead to the spread of blood borne diseases such as hepatitis. Kissing someone will expose you to some germs, yes, but sharing a toothbrush will expose you to many more.

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