Dental Myths No 2

Thinking about Dental mythsThrough the many years of practicing dentistry I have heard many patients repeat the following dental myths and quotes. Some of these I hear almost on a daily basis from well-meaning patients who struggle to make sense of all the information that is presented to them. This is the second of a five-part series on common dental myths. Read them and hopefully you will learn from them.  They will help you make better decisions in the future.

6-White tooth colored fillings don’t last as long as silver. Properly placed tooth colored composite fillings can outlast silver fillings. Composite fillings can truly be restorations that will strengthen teeth through bonding and don’t expand like silver amalgams which often crack teeth. In addition bonded composite restorations don’t contain mercury like dental amalgams. Mercury is toxic to the body so avoid it if you can.

7- Denture wearers have no need to see a dentist. People with dentures benefit from seeing a dentist to evaluate the fit of their dentures. There is a 2 billion dollar a year market for dental adhesives in the US for a reason- lots of ill fitting dentures.   Patients with dentures often have yeast infections and soft tissue lesions. See a dentist even you don’t have teeth. They will also check your mouth for oral cancer during this exam.

8-Root Canals don’t work, teeth are lost anyway. A properly done root canal combined with a proper restoration can and will often last a lifetime. The success of root canals done by a competent dentist should be in the high 90% range. If most of your root canals fail then I suggest you change dentists.

9-Bad teeth run in my family. Bad teeth may run in families but not for the reason you think. People blame genetics for bad teeth, The reality is that most bad teeth are the result of poor habits. A lack of brushing , flossing and a lack of regular visits to the dentist. It is even possible that everyone was just seeing the same old time dentist. Tooth decay and gum disease are the result of food and bacteria (plaque) sitting on teeth. Remove the plaque and you lessen the chance of decay. Fix problems when they are small and you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

10-Tooth whitening destroys enamel- Teeth are strong, whitening is safe as long as it is monitored by a professional. I’ve had patients who tried this on their own with over the counter products and have seen some nasty burns. Crest white strips are safe and work for some but see your dentist for a more effective solution.

Hope you enjoyed these. There are more to follow. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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