Tooth Extraction

At The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, it’s always our goal to help you preserve, protect, or restore your natural tooth if at all possible. open mouth for tooth extractionUnfortunately, sometimes advanced gum infections or tooth decay can interfere with that goal. If a tooth has become too damaged to treat with more conservative approaches, Dr. Shapiro may recommend extracting it. This type of treatment is intended to prevent infection from spreading to adjacent teeth as well as relieve acute pain or infection that is located immediately around the tooth.

Keeping You Comfortable

Throughout your entire extraction, providing and maintaining your comfort is our top priority. The doctor will thoroughly numb the area around the tooth to prevent you from feeling anything during the procedure. With the practice’s 30 years of dental practice experience in the Long Island area, you can also feel assured that you will be in good hands during your treatment.

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Removing your diseased tooth should not be considered the end of the process, but a first step in the larger restoration picture. It is important to replace your tooth as quickly as possible in order to avoid problems that result from missing teeth:

  • The rest of the teeth in your mouth may start to move and drift out of place
  • Drifting teeth may result in a sunken or sagging appearance
  • Difficulty speaking or slurred speech
  • Maintains bone from deteriorating
  • Reduces friction on the surrounding teeth
  • Helps promote a healthy bite and makes eating food easier

female dental patient being examined for tooth extraction

What Are My Options

Choosing a permanent tooth replacement, such as a dental implant or even a bridge, will help you maintain adequate tooth spacing and prevent many of these problems from occurring. A natural looking implant or durable dental bridge may be the best solution for restoring your smile, but only you and Dr. Shapiro can determine what will be the correct option for your unique situation.

Focused on You

Do you need a problem tooth extracted or beautiful smile rehabilitation? Call Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, serving the Smithtown and Long Island area, to schedule a free, accurate evaluation and an x-ray to discuss your oral health needs. We’ll also be glad to answer any of your questions about replacing a missing tooth with a natural appearing crown or dental bridge.