Nitrous Oxide Sedation

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Does the idea of visiting the dentist leave you feeling a little nervous? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly one out of every ten Americans suffers from some form of dental anxiety. At Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, we treat people, not patients.

For some people, anxiety prevents them from receiving the oral care that they need. After all, you avoid things that make you nervous. We understand and we can help you have a positive, relaxed dental experience with nitrous oxide gas sedation.

Take A Deep Breath

Nitrous oxide has been safely used in dental care for generations. You probably know it best by its common name, “laughing gas.” You simply breathe the oxygen-nitrous air blend through a soft nose piece during your dental procedure.

The benefits of nitrous oxide sedation allow our patients to enjoy benefits like:

  • Light sedation
  • Full consciousness
  • Fast onset and recovery
  • Moderate pain relief

woman being sedated at dentist

As you breathe, you’ll notice a warm, tingly feeling from head to toe. Your tensions will ease as your worries seem to float away. With “laughing gas,” you’ll still be aware and responsive, yet time will slip by quickly and your dental procedure will be over before you know it.
When your dental treatment is finished, the nitrous oxide will be replaced with 100% oxygen. Within minutes, you’ll be back to feeling like your normal self.

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Right For You?

You can request nitrous oxide during any dental procedure – from implant placement to deep cleanings. It takes full effect within just a few minutes and once your appointment is over you are even safe enough to drive yourself home. Nitrous is perfect for patients who…

  • Are undergoing complex procedures
  • Would like to complete extensive treatments in a single visit
  • Suffer from mild, moderate or severe anxiety

Nitrous is safe for most people, with very few medical contraindications. Be sure to review your medical history with us at every dental visit, regardless of whether or not nitrous is being use.

Get The Dental Care You Need, Today!

If dental anxiety has been keeping you from the treatment that your smile needs to stay healthy and bright, give us a call! You’ll find our staff compassionate, understanding and eager to do all that we can to help you have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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