Dental Crowns & Onlays

Rebuild Your Smile with Beautiful Dental Crowns or Onlays

Tooth needing porcelain onlay and not dental crowns

Tooth prior to placing porcelain onlay

If your tooth has worn down or decayed past the point of being able to be filled, a full coverage crown may be the best way to help you preserve it. An alternative procedure is a bonded porcelain onlay, which keeps more of your own natural tooth structure. Dental crowns cover your entire tooth above the gumlines, while an onlay only replaces the missing piece, up to about 2/3 of the tooth.

Both restorations strengthen the tooth so that chewing or biting is never a problem. By using onlays, we are often able to avoid an additional root canal procedure since the restoration is less invasive. Ultimately this also saves you money, because you are paying for less dental treatment.

Tooth restored with porcelain onlay instead of a porcelain crown

Tooth restored with conservative porcelain onlay

Cosmetic Crowns in Smithtown & Long Island

When are crowns/onlays necessary? We typically recommend cosmetic crowns or onlays if your teeth are severely cracked, decayed, or have been treated with a root canal. All of our treatments are both functional restorations as well as cosmetic enhancements to your smile.

Implant Supported Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Crowns can also be placed directly on top of implants, allowing you to replace teeth that have been lost. Implant crowns are an excellent choice when you’re seeking out minimally invasive dental options that last as long as possible.

porcelain crown on implant

Implant supported porcelain crown replacing front tooth

Most crown/onlay appointments require two trips to our Smithtown, NY dental office. During your first treatment visit, Dr. Shapiro will shape the tooth and take an impression. We then design the color, contour and size of your crown/onlay to match your own natural teeth. A custom, highly aesthetically crafted temporary crown is then made to protect the tooth. Each crown/onlay is ready in about two weeks for final placement.

All of the fabrications of the crown/onlays are completed by skilled technicians in a dental laboratory. Your second visit takes just a few minutes to complete, and you walk away with a brand new cosmetic restoration that can last for many years. Dr. Shapiro has seen many crowns and onlays last longer then 25 years, which is remarkable for a repair in the oral environment.

Do you think your tooth needs a crown? Are you looking for a more conservative approach to fixing your teeth? If you aren’t sure or want a second opinion, call Center for Cosmetic Dentistry today for a free consultation.