Dental Fillings

Silver Fillings Before Removal

Old silver fillings before restoration

Not only do traditional silver fillings pose an aesthetic concern for your smile, but they also act like little time bombs in your teeth. They break teeth if left in too long. The problem with silver amalgam fillings is that as they age the fillings expand (this can be seen in the photo at the edges of the fillings).

Minimally Invasive Mercury-Free Cosmetic Dental Fillings

The expansion of the silver amalgam fillings causes teeth to fracture. Waiting until the tooth breaks can result in the need for root canal treatment and often crowns.  At Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe in the early replacement of failing silver fillings. Replacing them early results in less invasive treatment which is less costly to the patient.

Tooth colored fillings are:

  • Smaller
  • Less invasive
  • Bond to tooth structure which makes the tooth stronger
  • Blends in with your tooth
  • Mercury free
  • Just as durable

Since composite fillings match your natural tooth color, they can be placed on any tooth in the mouth. It is never a problem if you smile or laugh, because other people will not be able to see the filling.

All of the fillings we place at the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry are mercury-free bonded composite fillings.

White Fillings in Smithtown, NY

New Composite Fillings

The same teeth after restoring with tooth colored filling material

Do you want to replace your silver fillings with cosmetic white fillings? Not a problem. Dr. Shapiro can change out your old amalgam (silver) restorations with cosmetic fillings that work just as well but blend in with your smile.

Composite fillings minimize the amount of alteration of the tooth that is necessary during your treatment. This preserves as much of your healthy enamel as possible and reduces the extent of treatments you need later on. For more information about our cosmetic white fillings or other restorative procedures, call us today!