Invisalign Can Bring a Smile To Your Face

Hand holding an invisalign clear aligner.Invisalign, also known as clear aligner therapy, is a popular procedure right now. Orthodontics using thin plastic removable trays molded to your teeth can give you that great smile you always wanted. The process seems quite simple, but you will be amazed at the amount of technology that is packed into those clear plastic aligner trays.

Invisalign is all about the trays

It is in the clear Invisalign trays are where all the magic happens. The trays are designed by Invisalign which is basically a high tech dental laboratory. The plastic of which the trays are made out of is no ordinary plastic. It has been designed to deform and apply a continuous amount of uniform pressure to the teeth throughout their useful life. Powerful software provided by the company allow the dentist to choreograph the movement of teeth from their starting position to their end point.

Tooth movement

The movement of the teeth is not the responsibility of Align Technology who make Invisalign but the responsibility of the dentist who designs the treatment plan. A skilled dentist can move teeth faster and more predictably then one not thoroughly trained in the procedure. To aid in the movement, the dentist bonds tooth colored attachments to the teeth. These attachments apply the correct forces in just the right way to move teeth. The trays sequentially guide teeth to their final position. Each tray moves teeth about a quarter of a millimeter till they are in their  ideal position. Trays are changed every two weeks, though it is possible to accelerate the process by using vibration creating devices or by increasing the amount of inflammation in the bone. More about that in a future post.

Invisalign vs Traditional Orthodontics

So what’s the difference between Invisalign and traditional wires and brackets which Orthodontists have used for years? Anytime you have different choices things are always benefits and drawbacks. The biggest differences are esthetics and the ability to clean your teeth without having anything on them. Invisalign trays are almost invisible and are easily removed while eating and brushing your teeth. These are two major factors for adults wearing braces. There are times where difficult tooth movement is more easily accomplished using traditional braces but this is not often the case. In teens who probably not wear their trays or lose them traditional orthodontics is preferable. The orthodontist has more control over the outcome. Invisalign trays apply just the right amount of force to move teeth. One unfortunate common outcome of adult tooth movement using traditional braces can be resorption of the tip of the root. This occurs because the tightening of orthodontic wires is so uncontrolled as to the forces which are applied to teeth. The forces of Invisalign trays are so carefully controlled that this is never seen using trays.

Invisalign patient

The Finishing Touches

Moving teeth into their ideal position often the first step in getting a great smile. Whiter teeth is the next step. Our office provides tooth whitening free of charge to all of our Invisalign patients. Teeth which are badly positioned often have worn edges as a result of accelerated wear. At The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry we have found restorative cosmetic bonding can be the difference between a good smile and a great one. Bonding can restore an worn smile to a youthful smile. You don’t have to be older to have an worn smile, as even teenagers with badly positioned teeth can have an amazing amount of wear. The best part about bonding is that it is an additive procedure that conserves tooth structure and it is less costly then other options.

Straighter Teeth Can Lead To a Better Life

Is your smile holding you back? Your smile affects how you relate to the world around you. Your beautiful new smile will keep you healthier. Straighter teeth makes cleaning easier. A better balanced bite will result in less wear and healthier gums. You might even get fewer cavities, and need fewer fillings along the way.

At the Center For Cosmetic Dentistry we can provide you with a complimentary smile analysis to see if Invisalign is right for you. Getting that great healthy smile is just a phone call away. Call today!





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