Dental Implants & Osseointegration

If you are missing a tooth in the Long Island, NY area, dental implants from Dr. Shapiro are a great solution!At The Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, we understand how hard it can be to find reliable information about dental implants and how they can benefit your life. For this reason, we are committed to providing a great knowledge center for our patients who are interested in learning about their dental implants, or who want to know more before they commit to the implant placement surgery. Osseointegration is one of the biggest benefits of dental implant placement, but very few people understand what it is and how it can help them.

Why Dental Implants are the Superior Solution

If you have ever lost a permanent tooth, or have had to experience full tooth loss, you know how difficult life can become. Even with the help of dentures, you are not able to enjoy all of the foods you once did and taking care of dentures can be time-consuming. Dental implants and osseointegration makes it possible for you to live life as you did before tooth loss. Dental implants are held in place permanently and reliably, allowing you to eat whatever you like, talk normally, and not live with the discomfort of other options. Compared to other non-permanent tooth replacement alternatives, implants are a great solution to missing tooth, and they can allow you to live your life like you did when you had all of your teeth. The result is total freedom from dentures, denture adhesives, and the ability to eat and speak as you did before your tooth loss.

How Osseointegration Helps the Implant Healing Process

Osseointegration describes the process of tissues in the body fusing with a foreign object and integrating it into the native tissue. In the case of dental implants, the tissue that we are discussing is the jawbone, and the foreign object is a titanium post. Titanium is used for dental implant posts specifically because of its unique ability to be accepted by the tissues in the human body. If we were to use steel implants, the jaw would reject them, and the surgery would ultimately fail. After the implant post is placed, the bone in your jaw begins to heal. Once the healing process is complete, the bone in your jaw will have formed a strong mechanical bond with the titanium implant post through the process of osseointegration.

Ready to Replacement Missing Teeth With a Permanent Solution?

We understand the frustration of dealing with missing teeth. With dental implants and the power of osseointegration, we can restore your mouth to it’s full potential, and you won’t have to live with a non-permanent option any longer. Call us today at (631) 982-9669 to schedule your no-obligation dental implant consultation at our Smithtown, NY dental practice. We are pleased to offer dental solutions to all of the Long Island area. We have already helped many local patients with implants and other services. Look through our Photo Gallery to see all of the lives we have changed and consider that you could be among them!