Smile Gallery

All of the following photos are patients of our office and reflect the quality of our dentistry. We do not use stock photos of procedures as we believe it is deceptive advertising.

Invisalign and Temporary Crowns

I began treatment for this patient by using Invisalign to even out his gum line and straighten his teeth. Next came his front crowns.

This patient had old unattractive crowns on his four front teeth. The mid line was off at an angle and the shape, color and size have no relationship to the teeth they were supposed to replace.

When I am replacing old crowns I often use the old restorations that are present to make new temporary crowns. In this case I wanted him to have temporaries that could be used to model the final restorations. I believe that temporary crowns are an important step to getting to a great end result. If a patient isn’t happy and comfortable with a temporary then I don’t know how successful the final permanent crown will be. Temps should look and feel great!

Here I hand carved a block of acrylic to create a new set of temporary teeth. It took about an hour to create his new smile. My only concern will be making his permanent teeth look as good!

Full face photos show a very happy patient. Notice the difference in his smile!

Dental Bonding - Before & After

This patient had the front tooth bonded by her previous dentist three times. He insisted she needed a crown. Here she is 30 minutes later, after this very happy patient had her tooth bonded.

Candy’s previous dentist offered no solution to her unhappiness with her space. In one hour Dr. Shapiro closed the gap with bonding material. An easy, cost effective solution.

Brian’s previous dentist wanted to do 12 porcelain veneers. For a 24 year old, Dr. Shapiro felt that this treatment was a bit aggressive (what was he thinking???). Here are his before and after pics after having his teeth conservatively restored with bonded composite at a fraction of the cost. The process was completely 100% pain free without the use of any local anesthetics. The best part of this treatment is that after more then 2 years, he hasn’t broken a single restoration!

Full face photos of Brian. This treatment was a complete success. “Definitely worth the trip from Denver” says Brian.

Dental Implant

Robert lost his front tooth. Dr. Shapiro placed his implant (an artificial tooth root) and restored it with a new life-like crown.

Porcelain Veneers

John was very unhappy with his smile. Dr. Shapiro restored his smile and his confidence with 10 beautiful life-like veneers.

This patient’s transformation using porcelain veneers has been problem free for almost 20 years. She still has a great smile.

Karen wanted a great smile and she got it with porcelain veneers!


Dr. Shapiro moved and whitened these teeth using clear plastic aligners. A very happy patient!

This patient came in 4 months before her daughter’s wedding. Accelerated Invisalign came to her rescue and dramatically improved her smile.

Bonding Broken/Discolored Front Teeth

Repairing fractured front teeth with composite bonding

Repairing fractured front teeth with composite bonding

Bonding of discolored spaced front teeth

Bonded Posterior Restorations

Removing mercury-amalgam fillings and bonding with composite

Complete removal of amalgam fillings

Aesthetic Bonding

Bonding of discolored spaced front teeth

Extreme Dental Bonding Using Composite Bonding Material

Bonding of severely worn lower front teeth treated in one visit!

Single Tooth Bleaching/Whitening

The patient originally wanted the left front incisor extracted because of its discoloration. We simply bleached the tooth; no other procedure was done to change the color. The patient went away happy, and with his tooth intact!

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