Insurance and Dental Financing in Smithtown, NY 

At the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, you'll never have to deal with hidden fees or expenses related to your dental care. Our team is dedicated to keeping everything clear and easy to understand for our patients. We also offer dental financing!

mom reviewing insurance information for dental careDental financing at the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry starts with our team providing each patient with itemized treatment plans that include the fees for any procedures that are needed. We'll include your estimated insurance along with your estimated out-of-pocket expenses, so you know exactly what to plan for.

Dental Insurance

We are happy to accept most major dental insurance plans and file claims on behalf of our patients. The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to participate as a Cigna in-network dental provider.

Financing Your Dental Treatment

In addition to working with your dental insurance provider, the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is also happy to offer CareCredit financing. For patients who are uninsured or whose treatment may not be completely covered by dental insurance, our alternate payment options make it easier to afford treatment.

Patients who opt for CareCredit financing can enjoy benefits like:

  • Flexible financing terms, including 0% or low-interest financing
  • Instant approval for immediate access to funds
  • Coverage of needed or elective treatments

We also accept most major credit cards, personal checks, money orders, and cash payments.

Questions about financing your dental treatment? Just call our office today and we'll be happy to help!

Staged Dentistry

For patients who are uncomfortable with long-term financing plans or looking for additional financing options, our team may have the option to stage your dental care. We do this by crafting a customized plan for your long-term care that allows us to deliver your dental treatments (and expenses) over a period of time.

In staged dentistry, dental infections and decayed teeth are treated first. Tooth replacement solutions like dental implants and dentures can be performed using cost-saving techniques that allow patients more time to receive the quality treatment they need.

If you're interested in staging your dental treatments, let us know. Our team will be happy to assess your treatment plan and help determine if staged dentistry is right for you!

Learn More About Dental Financing at the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

In each dental treatment plan, every step is designed to help the patient achieve optimal oral health and the smile of their dreams! It may have taken years to get to the current state of your oral health, but our team is here to help you make it right. If you need extra financial support to receive dental care, the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry will be here for you every step of the way with clear explanations and multiple financing options.

Call us today to schedule a complimentary visit and learn more about our dental financing options!

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