Clean Teeth and Gums Can Help You Keep Your Weight in Check

When you practice good oral health, you receive many benefits. Your breath smells better, your teeth are whiter, your gums are healthy, and you simply feel better about yourself. What many of our patients don't realize is that bad oral health can also contribute to your general health.

This is particularly rued if you are obese. Recent studies indicate that obese people have more periodontal disease than the general population. The study theorized that it is because obesity causes inflammation and inflammation is associated with gum disease.

It is also an underlying the reason for other diseases such as certain cancers and also cardiovascular disease. It is important to keep your weight down to an acceptable medical level for many reasons, but us more research is completed, the connection between oral health and obesity will become clearer. In the meantime, keeping your teeth and gums clean can help you with your weight.

How Can Clean Teeth Make Me Lose Weight?

When your teeth are clean and your breath smells fresh, you are less inclined to eat food that may destroy that good feeling. But you still like the flavors to which you've become accustomed to and you may also have a habit of snacking at certain times during the day. That is fine.

None of the snack habit needs to stop except what you snack on has to change. Start with not eating hard candy anymore.

If you want something that needs to be crunched on and will also give your teeth a little cleaning, try eating carrots or apples. Both of these are hard enough to scrape your teeth as you chew them This is like eating your toothbrush. They also contain antioxidants.

These will help to destroy the free radicals that, combined with your mouth's bacteria, decay your teeth or inflame your gums. Eating fruits and vegetables that help clean your teeth, will also help you to watch your weight.

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