Gum Disease Is Still Possible with Full Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to restore your mouth’s natural structure by using three parts, an implant, an abutment, and a false tooth. The implant portion is fitted into your gum and binds to your jawbone. The abutment acts a connector between the implant and the false tooth.

Dental implants are important as they can prevent further oral problems from occurring like jaw deterioration and the migration of other teeth which can cause an uneven bite.

Many previous people afflicted with gum disease may have dental implants installed to mitigate many of the problems that stem from the loss of a tooth or teeth. Though dental implants reconstruct the tooth and support the jawbone, they must be taken care of just like normal teeth.

If a person with dental implants forgoes proper dental hygiene, is likely that they will develop reoccurring gum disease. This is why it is always important to take care of your mouth.

Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by the buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Eventually, these bacteria can infect the gums and cause the gums to become swollen, red, and infected. If you have dental implants, getting gum disease is still possible and can actually be more difficult to deal with.

When you have dental implants and gum disease at the same time, there is a strong possibility that your body will reject the implants and they will have to be removed. The process of removing dental implants after they have failed is difficult as they are rooted firmly in the jawbone.

Occasionally, gum disease will cause the implant to loosen itself from the jawbone and put a person who is experiencing dental implant failure at greater risk.

When you have dental implants, it is important to continue with good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene consists of flossing and brushing twice a day as well as making a visit to our office once every six months. We can help you keep up good oral hygiene with a quick call to our office. We will be able to schedule you in for a teeth cleaning appointment at your convenience. 

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