How a Mouth Guard Can Improve Your Quality of Sleep

There are many causes of interrupted or disjointed sleep that can be traced back to your mouth. Fortunately, mouth guards aren’t just for professional athletes anymore, and many options exist that can be tailored to your particular needs.

Catching Z’s Without Sawing Wood

Most people who snore are unaware of it (although their partners may be reading this article instead, in that case!), but for some people, the act of snoring is jarring enough to wake them up from a restful slumber. A mouth guard will hold your mouth in a shape that encourages free air flow, preventing the wheezing and snorting that can accompany nocturnal inhalations and exhalations, while remaining comfortable enough to not disturb your sleep.

Sleep Apnea Terror

For many people with sleep apnea, the fear of spontaneously stopping their breathing in their sleep can lead to horrified insomnia. There are devices, however, that can help with that, and give you your night back. The MAD (mandibular advancement device) snaps over the dental arches and easily open and close, preventing obstructions and other preventions of their breathing.

Put Through the Grinder

Even if you think you are sleeping well, many adults grind their teeth in their sleep, and the pain of this can be enough to briefly interrupt your sleep schedule. (To say nothing of the pain that follows the next morning.) A mouth guard can help keep your teeth safely removed from each other, so that you harmlessly gnaw on rubber instead of eroding your own teeth further.

There are other preventable issues that might be interrupting your sleep, for which a mouth guard may be a convenient and affordable fix. Speak with one of our qualified professionals today and discuss what is keeping you up, so we help you reclaim a full night’s sleep.

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