How Chronic Throwing Up Can Ruin Good Oral Health

Throwing up is a danger to the health of your teeth. Once you vomit, you introduce stomach acids to the mouth. With time these acids can eat into your teeth's enamel, leading to even more dental conditions.

However, some situations of vomiting can be chronical, but this will still ruin your oral health. Here is how vomiting affects your oral health.

Weakening Your Enamel

Since the acids eat into your enamel, they will typically leave it weaker than usual. With time, the excess eating of your enamel can make your teeth susceptible to chipping and even cavity formation.

You might start noticing issues with your teeth, as they become weak. In case the weakness exposes the region of your teeth that contains your nerves and vessels, you will experience some sensitivity, especially while taking hot or cold foods and drinks.

Even worse, brushing your teeth right after vomiting might actually contribute to the weakening of your enamel. Instead, you should first rinse your mouth with some water and fluoride-rich mouthwash. In some cases, these acids could also lead to your teeth turning yellow.

Effects On The Rest Of Your Mouth

Stomach acids can also eat into your mouth's skin. You can start feeling pain as sores form on your mouth walls as well as on your gums. In some cases, it might also lead to the formation of sores on your throat, with the risk of chronic sore throat.

The acids could also lead to the inflammation of your salivary glands. Since the saliva plays a huge role in preventing the formation of cavities, the reduced release of saliva increases the risk of cavity formation. Also, you can easily experience dry mouth, which could also lead to halitosis (bad breath).

The short-term solution for keeping up with your dental health would be to stick to a great dental hygiene routine. However, the more sustainable solution should be to get your chronic vomiting issue fixed. In case you notice the above oral conditions, you may want to contact our office and schedule an appointment.

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