How Snoring Increases Your Chances of Gum Disease

Snoring isn’t just an annoying issue for you and your spouse, it’s a serious health condition. Many people simply shrug it off as something they can’t control and assume that it’s harmless, but snoring can cause a number of severe issues.

For example, snoring can increase your chances of developing gum disease.

Snoring and Dry Mouth

One of the direct issues of snoring is dry mouth. Dry mouth is basically a lack of saliva, which can be annoying when you’re awake. You can at least fight off its effects by taking a drink of water to help moisten your mouth and wash away any bits of food or other debris. When you have dry mouth during the night, though, it’s not so easy to deal with. You’re likely to see a number of issues due to dry mouth, including bad breath, sores in your mouth, and gum disease.

Saliva helps to keep your mouth clean. It removes dead cells so they don’t build up and become a home for bacteria. These dead cells also slowly decompose in your mouth, causing a bad odor. Saliva also neutralizes the acid plaque creates. If this acid remains on your teeth and gums, they will start to break down.

If you don’t practice good oral hygiene and have dry mouth, you’re much more likely to develop gum disease.

What Can You Do?

Dealing with snoring isn’t easy. There are a number of different treatments, some of which are more effective for some individuals than others. If your snoring is directly impacting your health, you need to come see us.

We will help you deal with the effects of dry mouth and any other oral health issues that have developed as a side effect of snoring while also looking at the cause of the issue. We may be able to provide you with options for decreasing or eliminating your snoring completely. Give us a call to book an appointment today.

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