How Your Gums Play a Role in Getting Dental Veneers

When getting veneers one of the key factors to take into consideration is the health of your gums. When veneer teeth are put on you still need to practice good oral care or it can cause issues with your gums that are much more difficult to resolve compared to your original teeth.

Your gums play a key role in protecting the veneered tooth as well as the root of the tooth. When getting veneers, the goal is to have a healthy sealed gum line even with your teeth. If the gum line possesses pockets or areas that are unbalanced high or low, we will correct it. 

Gum Contouring

After having veneers put in, occasionally, people can have gum lines that are too high, too low or even misshapen gums. This can affect the overall look of the veneered teeth, making them look skinny, small, or too large. Gum contouring is where the gum is reshaped by our dental office using scalpels and lasers to perform the contouring procedure.

A laser is used to re-contour and then seal the gum tissue, creating the ideal shape and preventing ongoing bleeding. Our dentist can also use the laser to eliminate hollow areas between your gums and teeth that trap bacteria.

Gum Disease with Veneer Teeth

If you do not practice good oral care or you come down with gum disease. The gums can recede, making them look overly long and put you at risk of receiving a cavity down under the gum line. If the root becomes exposed, either the gums will need to be contoured or we must place a new veneer.

If not fixed quickly, cavities can occur and burrow into the tooth and root.
When deciding to get veneers, our staff will need to address any issues that come up with your gums. The veneered teeth should seal perfectly with your gums.

We do gum contouring when needed to avoid any infection and to ensure the teeth look balanced and even. If it interests you in getting veneers but were cautious because of gum problems, call us today to schedule an appointment. Let us look and go over options available to you.

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