Important Preventative Dentistry Tips to Keep Teeth Healthier

Everybody wants healthy and clean teeth, but keeping your teeth healthy may feel like an uphill battle. Sure, you can brush and floss twice a day to prevent cavities and keep your teeth from becoming yellow.

You may even try to brush and floss three times a day, but still notice your teeth declining in health. Contrary to belief, there are more steps you can take besides regular brushing to make sure your teeth remain healthy.

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks

If you're looking for healthier teeth, the best place to start is what foods you eat. Foods and drinks play an important role in maintaining the health of your teeth, and some can even damage your oral health. Avoid foods and drinks high in acids. These items will wear away at your enamel and cause cavities. Fruits like lemons and pineapples are particularly harmful to your teeth. You may also want to limit your consumption of soda.

Sodas pose a triple threat to your teeth's health. Not only can they stain them if they are dark, they also wear away at your enamel in two different ways. First, they are acidic. Second, their carbonation makes them even more dangerous to your teeth because it also wears away at your enamel.

Avoid Hard Bristled Toothbrushes

Many people think choosing a hard-bristled brush is better for their teeth, however, it is quite damaging. Hard-bristled brushes wear away at the enamel quicker than other types of brushes. Plus, hard-bristled brushes can damage your gums. Hard-bristled brushes are notorious for making minor cuts in the gums, which can lead to the development of gum disease. Instead, you should choose a soft of medium bristled brush.

If you're invested in your teeth's health, we can help you. While avoiding certain foods, drinks, and brushes is one step to a healthier mouth, you also need to pay our office a visit for regular teeth cleanings. Please give us a call to set up your appointment today!

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