Last of the Dental Myths

Thinking about Dental mythsThis blog post contains the last of the dental myths. If you believe any
of these they can cost you your teeth, your smile and possibly your life. A great smile can enhance the quality of your life. It’s your choice...


21-"Best day in my life is when I had my teeth replaced by dentures"- I don't think so, it was probably the worst day you just don't know it yet! You may be happy about the dentures because of the years of disease, pain and expense of taking care of your broken down smile, but you may have lost more then that. People with dentures don't live as long as those with their own teeth and the years of disease has taken its toll on your heart. If you have your teeth keep them healthy and in your head.

22-I should replace my crowns after 5 years since my insurance will cover it. I just heard this on from a patient who was told to replace the crown by her previous dentist. We replace restorations because they are failing-not because your insurance covers it. If your dentist suggests this please run out of that office and don't look back!

23-Dentists hurt! I spend most of my day proving that this one is wrong but I have to admit that some dentists do hurt but it doesn't have to be that way. Today, dentistry can be a very comfortable experience. Sure some procedures can be unpleasant but for the most part dentistry can be delivered without pain both during and after the procedure.

24-I can't stop grinding my teeth. Grinding, especially at night (bruxism) can cause excessive wear. Adjusting a bad bite through selective grinding or orthodontics (Invisalign) can often reduce grinding. Sometimes bruxism is caused by sleep apnea or other breathing issues. Find the cause and you can often correct the problem.

25-Dental bonding discolors or stains faster then your teeth. I find that today's bonding materials hold up rather well. I have seen composite bonding last for 20 years or more without picking up stain or discoloring. your teeth will often stain before these materials do. Using quality materials and properly polishing the surface to create an ultra smooth surface can produce this long lasting bonded restorations.

Truth vs. Myths

No matter what you may believe the truth always wins out. What I’ve presented here are my truths. It’s based on my experience over the last 35 years. When it comes to taking care of your body parts don’t believe everything you read online. You can always find something out there on the fringe of reality that will support what you want to believe. I suggest you find competent people that can trust, to help guide you to make decisions that are in your best interest. In the end better choices mean a better life.

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