Should You Worry About Pit Stains in Your Teeth?

People in general usually have one common goal where their teeth are concerned and that is they want them. Bright and white. Sometimes the reason your teeth aren’t as white you like them to be is due to dental pit stains. To know what to do about them, you need to understand exactly what they are.

Simply put they are a discoloration of your teeth that can occur in very tiny holds that form on the surface of your teeth and that discoloration is known as pit stains.

Now, the question of do we need to worry about them as in, will they cause damage to our teeth? The pit stains are dark against the whites of our teeth and very unsightly and often obvious, but they will cause no actual damage to our teeth.

What Can You Do About Them?

Even though they don’t cause any obvious damage to your teeth or your gums, you will want to find a way to fix them. A lot of patients want to turn to home remedies, which isn’t always the best solution. We suggest that sometimes trying a different toothpaste may help clean the brownish looking stains on the teeth. Also, following a very strict oral hygiene regiment will not only help get rid or reduce the brownish looking pit stains, but, will also help with the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Teeth whitening products can help if you find brushing and flossing is not enough. The best option, of course, is simply to call our office and make an appointment to come in and see us for professional teeth whitening to make sure that is not an underlying problem and we can offer you the best solution for the stains.

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