Times Where a Glass Filling Could Be the Best Option

No one wants to find out that they have a cavity and need to get a filling. While that is upsetting, it is important to get over that and start to make some choices. There are actually different types of fillings to choose from.

Many may assume that the only type of filling is the silver ones, but the reality is that there are other options. There are also times when a glass filling is the right option. To know when that it, you have to learn what a glass filling is and how it can help the health of your teeth.

What are They

Glass ionomer fillings actually create a bond with the tooth. They are a resin filling that offers a few benefits. They can release fluoride that helps protect and strengthen the tooth. While these teeth do offer the benefits of the fluoride, it does have drawbacks. It is not as strong as composite resins and is more susceptible to cracking and erosion. Glass fillings typically last 5 years or less.

When they Work

Despite their short life, there are many times when the glass fillings are the right options. In young children, the glass fillings can help, especially with their molars and back teeth. The ability to prevent additional tooth decay helps restore the health of the teeth and the surrounding teeth. They are also very effective for fillings below the gum line.

The ability of the glass fillings to bond with the teeth reduces some of the preparation for a filling and makes it easier to use. Although they still require drilling, the amount of drilling is less and take less time to put in, which is great when working with young children.

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