After Acidic Foods and Drinks, How Long Should You Wait to Brush?

Brushing teeth after eating is good and for all reasons you may think of such as cleaning bacteria and doing away with food particles that may contribute to the growth of bacteria and formation of plaque. There is nothing wrong with brushing your teeth after eating, but it will depend on what you have eaten.

Things are a little different if you are taking acid foods. You may want to know when to brush if you are taking such acidic foods or drinks.

What Happens When You Eat Acidic Foods?

If you take sugary or acidic foods and drinks, they tend to soften the enamel. If you brush right after you have taken these foods and drinks, it may not be good for you. Brushing after taking sugary or acidic snacks or drinks abrades your tooth structure. A soft enamel due to acids will wear out easily when brushing.

The American Dental Association points out that if your teeth are repeatedly exposed to phosphoric acid that’s present in soft drinks, it can contribute to erosion of the hard tissue or the enamel. This can result in permanent damage to the teeth.

How Long Should You Wait?

When you have eaten foods containing acidic substance or sugars, you may want to allow the acids to be dissolved. It is advisable you wait for about 30 minutes or so to brush your teeth. During this time, the acids will be diluted and washed away by the saliva or the water you take after a meal. That’s why it is important to drink a glass of water, soon you finish eating so that it can help wash away the acids.

That said, there are alternatives to waiting to brush the teeth once you have taken sugary or acidic drinks and foods. You can try eating foods low in sugar and carbohydrates after you have taken something acidic. When you do this, it helps reduce the damaging acids, which are created by such foods.

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