Are You Forgetting to Brush the Roof of Your Mouth?

woman getting ready to brush her mouthThis is a typical dental hygiene routine for most people. They brush their teeth what they believe to be long enough, sometimes brush their tongue, and rinse their toothbrush. When they have time, they make sure to floss and then rinse with mouthwash.

Then, the person goes on about their day believing they did enough to keep their mouth healthy and clean. There are actually a few things wrong with this scenario.

How to Properly Care for Your Mouth

First, you need to make sure you are brushing for the full two minutes. Shorting your brushing time is not good, just like brushing too long can be a problem, too. Second, you should always brush your tongue each time you brush your teeth.

This simple move can cut down on how many bacteria you have floating around your mouth at any given moment. Finally, you need to make sure that you also brush all of the surfaces of your mouth before you go to rinsing your toothbrush.

This should include the insides of your cheeks, the outside of your jaws, and the roof of your mouth. The more of these surfaces that you miss, the more bacteria get left in your mouth to cause trouble.

You should also make sure to floss your mouth at least once every single day, and always use mouthwash after flossing to ensure you get anti-microbial agents where you just removed debris from flossing.Brushing before bedtime is best.  Call our office today to find out more about if you are brushing properly or not.

We will examine your entire mouth and look for any signs that you may be missing areas of your mouth with your toothbrush. If you are missing places, we will help you correct any damage there may be, and restore your oral health.

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