Best Things to Drink for Optimal Oral Health

During the hot summer months, it is important to stay hydrated while also considering which beverages are best for your oral health.

Acidic and overly sweet drinks can cause some major damage to your teeth and gums, especially with prolonged consumption.

Read on to find out what beverages might actually improve your oral health.


Water is the best possible beverage for your body – for your teeth and for the rest of your system. Water will help to wash away bacteria, food particles, and acid from the teeth before they have a chance to damage the enamel. Water is also free of sugar, which makes it a good substitute for soda or other sweetened drinks that wreak havoc on the teeth.

Green Tea

Tea – specifically green tea – is another great option for your mouth. Unlike acidic beverages, green tea does not offer any erosive effects, and it also works wonders on control bacteria levels in the mouth. This will ultimately lower dental plaque and salivary acidity. The results will be a reduced risk for cavity and tooth decay.

In addition to preventing against decay, green tea offers many other helpful benefits to the mouth. This tea kills off microbes that may lead to bad breath, and it can also reduce inflammation in the gums that leads to periodontal disease. Additionally, some studies have found a connection between green tea and reduced oral cancer risk.


Calcium is incredibly important for the health of your teeth, specifically the enamel. Milk is a major source of calcium, making it a great drink to maintain strong, healthy teeth. Milk also contains an important protein known as caseins, which create a protective film over the enamel, enhancing the decay-resistant ability of the teeth.

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