Are You Brushing for Too Long Each Day?

Were you aware that you could brush your teeth for too long each day? It’s true. You can over-brush your teeth, and it can cause a lot of damage. You could end up hurting not only your teeth, but you could even end up hurting your gum tissues, too. Time how long you brush one of these times, and see if you are falling in between the two and three minute window that most dentists recommend for each session. If you are, you may need to cut back just a little bit.

Brushing Too Long Can Hurt You

You shouldn't brush for less than two minutes each time you brush, as it isn't really getting very much debris off of your teeth. However, you also shouldn't brush for longer than three minutes each time you brush, either. You want to find a spot right in between the two for the vast majority of brushings. The occasional over or under is fine, so long as it isn't a regular habit.

If you brush too long, you could cause damage to your gums and other oral tissues, and you could end up damaging your teeth. If you also brush too hard, you can leave your teeth sensitive or in pain. Gentle brushing that lasts 2-3 minutes is exactly what most mouths need.

For anyone that isn't sure if they are brushing the right way, the best person to ask is your dentist. Have them take a look around your mouth and see what condition everything is in. From there, they can tell you how to brush to where your mouth gets the clean it needs, without the side effects that no one, including your dentist, want you to go through. Contact our office today!

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