Can Well Water Cause Damage to Your Teeth?

A woman drinking a glass of fresh well water. The quality of your well water is important to your health. This includes the health of your teeth. Water contains fluoride, an element that helps protect your teeth against bacteria. While city or town water is treated with fluoride, and the content known, not everyone has water provided to them this way.

Some homes have water provided by a well. Those with wells have no control over the fluoride level, and too much or too little fluoride can have a significant impact upon your teeth.

High Fluoride Levels

When someone ingests too much fluoride, they can get fluorosis. This is a condition in which your teeth become discolored, often turning grayish, or have discolored spots. This discoloration cannot be corrected with regular brushing. It requires professional teeth whitening to restore the natural color. It can also cause your teeth to form incorrectly, making fluorosis especially harmful to children.

Low Levels

Too little fluoride in a person’s diet can be just as harmful. Fluoride is important for proper growth of children’s teeth. Too little can cause teeth to grow in weak. It also makes your teeth prone to decay, as they lack the necessary bacteria fighting elements.

Get Your Well Water Tested

If your home runs off of well water, it is important to have the fluoride level tested. If you have too much, it may be helpful to invest in a water filtration system. Or, you can drink bottled water. If you have too little, supplement with fluoride. You can eat foods that contain fluoride, get fluoridated toothpastes and be sure to have fluoride treatments during your dentist appointment.

Visit Your Dentist

Visiting your dentist twice a year is important for maintaining the health of your teeth. If your home uses well water, discuss it with your dentist. Let him know the level of your water and you can talk about the best course of action to maintain the health of your teeth.

Fluoride is essential to the health of your teeth. If your home’s water source is from a well, the level cannot be controlled. Knowing the level of your water supply can help guide you in the best course of action to ensure that your teeth stay strong.

Please contact us if you have any questions about well waters effect on your oral health.

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