Can Wet Weather Induce Bad Breath?

Have you ever noticed that when you get a lot of rain and are forced to stay indoors more than normal, your breath tends to get worse? It’s not just in your mind.

When there is a lot of rain, people tend to struggle more with bad breath than during any other type of weather (not including emergency situations, obviously). If you get a lot of rain, or are worried about bad breath, you may want to know what you can do to combat it.

How Wet Weather Influences Your Breath

When the weather is wet, it tends to increase the amount of mold spores floating around the air, even the air in your house. When breathed in, people tend to get stuffed up from these spores. The stuffy nose leads to breathing through the mouth, which then leads to dry mouth.

Unfortunately, dry mouth is one of the leading causes of bad breath because it increases how many bacteria are alive and well in your mouth. This means that you are more prone to cavities, and you are likely to struggle with bad breath.

If you are worried about your breath, then you want to make sure that you are taking care of your teeth. Despite the weather, you need to make sure you brush twice daily, floss one of those times, and drink lots of water.

This can help you receive less damage during those times where the weather is making you more susceptible to damage. You also need to make sure to regularly see your dentist, as that can make a huge difference in your overall oral health.

If you have trouble with dry mouth or weather-induced bad breath, make sure to contact our office. We know the best things you can do to keep bad breath at bay!

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