Are You Causing Your Own Enamel Loss?

Woman with loss of enamelLosing the enamel that coats your teeth can be a really bad occurrence for your mouth. It can leave you with a bunch of painful cavities, plus really sensitive teeth. Your teeth may hurt with each bite or drink you take, leaving you miserable. The best way to avoid this pain is to keep your teeth ultra-healthy.

This means that you brush and floss like your dentist tells you to, and you go in and see your dentist on schedule. Plus, it also means you take care to keep the enamel on your teeth.

Issues That May Be Costing You Enamel

If you do things like chewing on ice, pens, and fingernails, you are damaging your teeth. It wears down your teeth, costing you valuable and precious enamel. Don’t let your teeth become painful from a bad habit. Instead, stop these bad habits and let your teeth heal back up.

Eating the wrong foods can be costing your own enamel to degrade. Diets that are high in starches and sugars can cost you enamel, as those foods break down into sugar that feeds the bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria feed on sugars, which increases how much damage they are capable of doing. Changing your diet to one that is full of protein and produce, ideally vegetables, can go a long way towards restoring your enamel.

Drinking sports drinks, fruit juice, and soda all the time can cut down on how much enamel you have. These drinks are full of acid, and that acid erodes your enamel. Switch over to water, and you will likely notice a significant difference in the durability of the enamel on your teeth.

Contact our office if you have any questions about what you may be doing that is harming your teeth. They can examine your mouth, and give you some pointers on how to make your mouth healthier!

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