Closing Gaps With Dental Bonding

Mary is a new patient who was self-conscious about the gaps between her front teeth. She is missing her lateral incisors which creates an excess of space between all of her front teeth. When she first walked through the door she was under the impression that veneers or crowns were the only way to fix her problem. Of course she was incorrect as I routinely use composite dental bonding to correct this. Closing gaps between teeth is done quite easily and painlessly.

The key to a great final result is space management and getting the proportions of the teeth within an esthetically acceptable range. In this case wear on the edges of her front teeth provided us additional pathway to getting an esthetic result. Another challenge was visually turning her eye teeth (canines) into lateral incisors. A quick mock-up showed us that dental bonding was possible and we were well on our way.

The first step was a Zoom in office whitening treatment followed up with the cosmetic bonding two days later. Closing gaps is a procedure easily done. Mary's front teeth were lengthened and the spaces were closed in a single visit. Six teeth were bonded in the process. This was all accomplished at a significantly lower cost than Mary ever thought possible. That was another reason why she had such a big smile at the end of treatment.

Pre Bonding
Mary's smile prior to treatment
Post bond
Smile after bonding done by Dr. Shapiro






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