What cosmetic dental procedure is best for you?

Putting Your Best Smile Forward

What cosmetic dentalYour smile is the first thing people notice about you, but what does your smile have to say about you? Visiting Dr. Mitchell Shapiro at The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is an excellent first step to having the confident, engaging great smile that makes the impression you’ve wanted to leave.

Your Becoming Smile

Depending on the cosmetic treatments you choose, you could experience a dramatic makeover within one or two visits to our practice. When it comes to customizing your cosmetic restoration, keep in mind that investing in the beauty of your smile directly affects the good health of your mouth.

Often times, bothersome dental problems are fixed and future ones are greatly prevented when you correct the alignment of your teeth, the health of your gums and the appearance of your teeth.
If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry, we offer many options to choose from:

Dental Bonding

- Are your teeth worn or chipped? Do you have unsightly gaps between your teeth? Are your teeth misshaped, misaligned or too short? In just a single visit, Dr. Shapiro can correct any of those smile defects with simple, cost effective, cosmetic bonding.

Using custom-matched composite material, and an artistic touch, your unsightly smile will be a thing of the past. Just imagine walking out the door with a completely different, more attractive smile than the one you came in with.

Dental Veneers

- Even when your teeth are gapped, crooked, crowded, discolored, chipped or worn, you can still have a drastically improved smile makeover in just two visits, with porcelain veneers. This restoration is a thin porcelain shell that fits over your natural tooth, hiding any imperfections - creating a straighter, whiter, more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


- This clear orthodontic treatment gradually moves your teeth into a straighter, more attractive position by utilizing customized, removable trays. By straightening your teeth, you’re also decreasing your chances of periodontal disease, excessive wear and damage of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

- We will turn back time on your smile by removing years of discoloration and staining from your teeth with professional whitening treatments. Your brighter smile can be completed in our office using the Zoom whitening system or with specialized take-home kits that far surpass anything you can purchase at the store.

Dental Implants

- With this restoration, you can permanently replace a single missing tooth, several teeth or support full dentures.
An implant is an artificial tooth root, made of a biocompatible metal, that we place securely into your jawbone. On  this post we then place a prosthetic natural-appearing tooth. With two implants you can support a bridge or secure a denture, and with as few as 4  you can place full arch fixed bridgework.
Not only will we restore your smile with dental implants, but also the function of your mouth. You can confidently eat, speak and laugh as you once did before.

Gum Therapies

- Periodontal disease can be unsightly, causing bleeding, receding gums. Untreated, your gums can detach from your teeth leading to bone deterioration, tooth mobility and eventually loss. Addressing periodontal concerns is not only an important step in creating a more attractive smile, but necessary for keeping your smile looking its best.

We Want To See Your Smile!

At Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, we want to help your smile be all that it can be! With over 30 years of dental expertise, Dr. Shapiro’s artistic, experienced touch can create the smile of your dreams. We’ll help you design a new customized smile to suit you and we can show you a mockup of your new look, too! Check out our amazing photo gallery and then give our office a call today to set up your cosmetic consultation.

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