Unbelievable Dental Myths

Thinking about Dental mythsThis is the third of a five-part series on common dental myths.Through the many years of practicing dentistry I have heard many patients have repeatedly expressed the following dental myths and quotes. I hear some of these almost on a daily basis from well-meaning patients who struggle to make sense of all the information that is presented to them.  Read them and hopefully you will learn from them.  Your understanding will help you make better decisions in the future.


11-Teeth wear as we age-Some wear is inevitable but excessive wear can be prevented and controlled by having a good bite and controlling grinding. Seeing a dentist to cover exposed dentin by bonding can dramatically slow down the rate of wear and improve your smile in the process.

12-Wisdom teeth cause crowding of teeth. Third molars don't cause crowding of your front teeth. They are too far back and don't push your teeth forward. Take them out anyway as most people don't have enough room for them.

13-Gum chewing is bad for you. Another fallacy, though if you are prone to decay chew sugarless gum. Chewing gum stimulates salivary flow so it is a good substitute for brushing after a meal. It can even help alleviate TMJ pain by exercising the joint. If you do chew gum just make sure it is sugarless.

14-I have no pain from my mouth so I'm OK and don't need to see a dentist. I had a patient who used to brag about never having a cavity in his entire life. Sounds great till you realize he didn't get his teeth cleaned either and I was making him a set of upper and lower full dentures. His teeth were literally falling out of his head. Cavities can cause pain but gum disease is a silent destroyer of smiles.

15-All teeth that have root canal treatment need crowns. Can be the case but some root canaled teeth can be restored with bonded composite fillings or more conservative bonded onlays. Often most of your good tooth structure can be saved.

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