First Signs of Wisdom Tooth Decay to Pay Attention To

Wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 17 to 25 and unless something is wrong with them, people barely notice that they are coming out. Unfortunately, problems with wisdom teeth are very common considering its location and limited gum space.

One of the most common wisdom tooth complications is pain related to inflammation of the gum tissue. This is related to food getting into the gum tissue around the tooth. This can often be remedied by more aggressive brushing to keep the area clean.

The other problem is tooth decay because it is usually difficult to reach wisdom teeth while brushing, which means dental plaque remains on the teeth for a long time.

If you experience pain at the back part of your gums or notice that your breath is bad, it is best that you see us immediately for a dental examination.

How to Address Wisdom Tooth Decay

Wisdom tooth decay can be addressed in two ways depending on the situation. For one it can be repaired like ordinary teeth by using dental fillings, provided that the wisdom tooth is readily accessible, fully exposed, and the cavities or level of decay is relatively small. If that is not the case, the only option would be extraction.

In the majority of cases, wisdom tooth extraction is the better option rather than tooth restoration or repair. If you have trouble reaching the wisdom tooth when you brush your teeth, then it is most likely difficult to access with dental instruments as well.

It is important to note also that even though the wisdom tooth can be repaired using dental filling, it would still be difficult to keep it plaque-free considering its location. Hence, the chance of recurrent decay is very high. Considering all these things, extraction appears to be a more practical and sensible option.

Call us to set an appointment today so we can carefully examine the condition of your wisdom teeth and discuss with you the available options on how to prevent wisdom teeth problems and other oral health issues as well.

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