Foods That Keep Your Gums Healthy

Healthier food means healthier gumsIf your gums are not quite as healthy as they should be, make sure to consider what foods you are eating as part of your treatment plan. There are some foods that are known for being really good at helping the gums to heal. If you need that extra boost in your mouth, then start adding in more of these items and watch as your gums bounce back.

Foods You Want to Consume for Healthier Gums

First of all, you need to focus on foods that offer antibacterial or antimicrobial properties. This includes foods like ginger root and raw onions. These are naturally able to help provide healing to the different soft tissues within your mouth and give your gums a healthier appearance. Just make sure you have a good mouthwash around to fight the onion breath.

Next, you need to eat foods that are actually stimulating your gums. Foods that push down a bit on your gums when you chew them up help to keep your gums elastic and resilient. Foods like leafy green vegetables and celery offer this type of exercise to your gums, and allows you to get healthier each time you chew.

Finally, you want foods that are going to protect your gums from further damage. The casein from dairy foods is really good at helping to do just that. It can lower acid levels and protect your teeth from the damage of sugary foods, so load up on harder cheeses and glasses of milk.

If you are looking for healthier gums be sure to call our office. We can do an exam and let you know what condition your gums are really in, then they can help you come up with a treatment plan that is going to help your mouth start feeling better in no time.

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