Got Broken Teeth?

Do you have a chipped tooth or broken teeth? We have many services that can fix them (including emergencies).

The First thing to do after chipping or breaking a tooth is:

A diagram of a jaw with less than two broken teeth.

  • Attempt to find any broken pieces or whole teeth – handle these as carefully as possible
  • If it is a whole tooth, try not to touch the root of the tooth, only the crown
  • Rinse the broken tooth or fragment off gently in milk
  • Get help! Contact an emergency room or dental emergency center as soon as possible

Chipped teeth are one of the most common dental injuries and luckily one of the most successfully treated. However you came to possess broken teeth there are a variety of ways a trained dentist will treat your condition. There are several different technologies used for treating cracked or chipped teeth depending on what you and your dentist feel is your best option.

Tooth Bonding & Broken Teeth

Tooth Bonding is great for treating chipped teeth. There are a plethora of bonding agents used in order to seamlessly reconstruct a broken or chipped tooth. There are various forms of Bonding depending on the exact situation and the wishes of the client.

Crowns, Onlays & Veneers

If the chipped or broken tooth is towards the back of your mouth your dentist will probably recommend a dental crown or onlay which is a more conservative restoration. Tooth-colored crowns and onlays are manufactured  and carefully calibrated in order to withstand the force of years of chewing food and clenching the jaw which are to come.

Veneers are generally employed when the damage tooth is in the front of the mouth and will be seen regularly. The veneers are bonded to the teeth and the beaming smile has been restored! Please contact our office if you have any questions about repairing your broken tooth.

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