How Can You Tell if Your Teeth are Shifting Around?

As you get older, you may notice some of your teeth becoming crowded, or overlapping. This is caused by several factors, some natural and some not so much.

You can tell in some regards because of physical appearance, sometimes you can tell by the feeling, and other times you may experience pain associated with the shift.

It can happen gradually or suddenly, and can actually lead to tooth loss.  If caught early, there are some limited options, but not always.

Why Does This Happen, and What Can I Do?

Tooth mobility can be caused by many things. It can have to do with gum disease, trauma, or even just aging. Any of these causes can have varying degrees of severity, and it is difficult to evaluate any repair options at the source. It is all very dependent. If the teeth are salvageable as they begin to move, options are limited.

One potential help is wearing a retainer daily and attempting to keep the teeth in the places that they are currently in. Another option is replacing certain teeth with implants, to keep other teeth from crowding to fill in the gap. Braces are a potential option, and veneers or crowns can also cosmetically enhance your smile back to what it was before.

It is natural, and if it is due to an infection or unnatural cause, there are options to repair the infection. While there are not a lot of options to fix it, there are some, and these options are made available to our patients.

We do everything we can to give you back all the confidence you need to beam brightly at everyone you see. Contact our office to see what we can do for you, and to see what option would best suit your various needs and financial budget.

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