How to Tell if Your Breath Stinks

Person with bad breathBad breath is one of the most common issues related to oral health. We spend millions each year in mouthwashes and gums that promise to keep us free of offending mouth odors.

Whether you feel it first thing in the morning or after eating certain foods, this is how to tell if your breath stinks.

Test the Tip of the Tongue Smell

This is the most popular way to find out if your breath stinks. Lick the inside of your wrist, wait a few seconds and allow the saliva to dry, then smell it. That is how the tip of your tongue smells and you will be able to tell whether you need to get out the gum or mouth rinse.

Test the Back of the Tongue Smell

This is a more difficult and unpleasant test, but if you want more accurate results then you can follow these directions. Take a small spoon, like the ones you use to add sugar to your coffee, turn it backwards, open your mouth and say, Ah, and gently scrape the very back of your tongue.

Try to reach as far back as you can and be prepared to gag a bit depending on your reflex. The darker the gunk on the spoon, the worse your breath stinks. This is also how others smell your breath.

Get Someone’s Opinion

The easiest way how to tell if your breath stinks is to just ask someone. Whether it’s a best friend, husband, wife, or significant other, hopefully they will be honest and tell you the truth.

Most people have bad breath, but you can do something about it. Remember to include cleaning your tongue as part of your oral hygiene and ask us for a demonstration at your next visit.




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