The iTero Element® 5D Is Here!

The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has been using the iTero 3 -D scanner for the last four years. This has replaced messy impressions, provides better quality lab work (crowns, onlays) and better fitting Invisalign trays. Our staff love this cutting edge technology as it has allowed us to take exceptional care of our patients by providing more comfortable and more informative dental visits. This technology uses light to scan teeth so there is no x-ray radiation involved. It is completely safe to use on a regular basis.

iTero Element® 5D

We have now increased our scanning technology with the addition of the new iTero Element® 5D.

What the iTero 5D® does

Digital Records-The Itero 5D® is a digital scanner which takes three 3 dimensional pictures of your teeth and gums. Once we have this digital record of your mouth we can take future scans and the iTero, using time lapse technology, can compare the two scans for changes in teeth and gums. It can show where teeth are wearing and it can show changes in the gum line to indicate recession. This feature was available in our previous scanner and so any scans we may have already taken of our patients are available for this comparison in the future. The addition of a 3D printer to our office enables us to take the scans and fabricate solid models of your dentition. We print what we see. The future is now.

NIRI Imaging

Decay Detection-Without a doubt the biggest change in the scanner is the addition of Near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology which allows us to scan the internal structure of your teeth. The resulting image is similar to an x-ray. It is used to detect changes within the tooth structure indicating dental decay. The technology can be used on its own or in conjunction with dental x-rays. It tends to work best on teeth with no previous dental restorations as restorations block the light. For most patients this is not a replacement for dental x-rays, but an additional diagnostic tool to detect decay. I believe it allows me to take better care of my patients by finding problems when they are small and quick to fix.

Intraoral image
Intraoral Image

Intraoral Camera-The proverbial picture is worth a thousand words might have been easily talking about intraoral photography. Using the iTero 5D® I can show patients what I see in their mouths. The picture angle can be easily changed with a touch of the finger and we can zoom in to illustrate the condition of teeth. Patient education is important at the Center for Cosmetic Dentistry as we like our patients to understand the condition of their teeth and the options to restore their teeth and their smiles. The iTero 5D is a very effective tool for education.

Invisalign outcome simulator
Invisalign Outcome Simulator

Invisalign Outcome Simulator-Once a dental scan is completed . The iTero can show you just how straight your teeth can be. With just a few clicks this amazing technology virtually repositions your teeth to show you the potential outcome using Invisalign orthodontics

Fabrication of crowns, onlays and dentures-The digital technology of the iTero allows us to make incredibly accurate lab work, at even a higher resolution then the previous model, resulting in few adjustments and eliminating messy impression materials. Restorations are now made from the iTero digital files which, along with the availability of new materials, enhance the final product. With exceptional fit and increased durability, these restorations have the potential to last a lifetime.

It’s all about you…

We have always been driven to provide the least invasive dental care to our patients. The iTero Element® 5D allows us to do just that. There is a lot of new technology available and this addition is one we are truly excited to provide our patients. We look forward to sharing the iTero with you at future visits. If you haven’t visited with us yet, call our office at 631 265-2700 to set up your first visit. We can put that smile on your face and keep it there for many years to come.

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