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Advancing Your Smile

DigitalToothDr. Mitchell Shapiro is an artist that enjoys hand carving stone sculptures, but when it comes to utilizing the latest advancements in dental technology, he’s not stuck back in the stone age. The progressive dental developments used in our Smithtown, NY office...

  • Offer superior results
  • Minimize the extent and complexity of dental treatments
  • Reduce recovery time and discomfort associated with some oral procedures
  • Provide a higher level of preventative care

...which culminates in an advanced standard of oral health and beauty that ultimately benefits you, our patient.

Digital X-rays

are an important diagnostic and preventative tool used here at Center For Cosmetic Dentistry. Your potential oral concern can be caught early, before it becomes a more extensive (and costly) problem.
Compared to traditional x-rays, digital radiography takes less time and use up to 90% less radiation. Dr. Shapiro can more safely spot a cavity forming on your tooth, inspect your tooth roots, assess the quality of your bone, check the progression of periodontal disease and keep an eye on any developing situations.

Invisalign Orthodontics

offer an easy, comfortable way to move your teeth into a straighter alignment, creating a more attractive smile. These braces are virtually invisible, using a series of customized, removable trays to straighten your smile, gradually. Because they’re easily taken out, you can enjoy your favorite foods without the cleaning inconvenience of traditional metal braces.

As a preferred Invisalign provider, Dr. Shapiro uses Invisalign to improve not just the look of your smile, but your overall oral health. Properly aligned teeth give you a more comfortable bite, prevent abnormal wear and breakdown of your teeth and minimize your risk for gum disease. With clear braces, you can enjoy all the benefits of a straighter smile without anyone noticing your orthodontics.

Dental Implants

are a dental advancement used in our practice that allows one missing tooth, or several, to be securely restored. This restoration is simply an artificial tooth root, made of bio-compatible material that is placed in the jawbone.
From this metal post, a natural looking prosthetic tooth can be permanently attached. With more than one implant, a bridge or even dentures may be anchored, creating a stable restoration. You can once again smile, talk and eat confidently, as you once did and only you and Dr. Shapiro will know the difference.

Zoom! Whitening

is a wonderful new way to enjoy a brighter, whiter smile, quickly and easily. This whitening treatment can make your teeth up to 8 shades lighter than they currently are, in just one hour at our Smithtown, NY office. Make a great impression at your job interview, look your best for your wedding or put your best smile forward at that black tie event, with Philips Zoom! Whitening. By using the included take-home trays, you can continue and maintain your teeth whitening once you leave our office.

Diagnodent Cavity Detection

uses a laser to cause tooth structure to fluoresce. The device is able to distinguish between healthy and diseased tooth structure by registering the difference in fluorescence  and indicate the amount of decay on a readout. This aids Dr. Shapiro in determining the need for dental treatment of potentially decayed teeth.

Oral Sleep Appliances

allow us to progressively treat and help patients who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring. If you wake up tired, our customized sleep appliance will assist in keeping your airways open by moving your jaw forward.
By wearing this appliance at night while you rest, your sleep apnea symptoms and snoring can be relieved. This is a wonderful alternative to CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines, which are bulky, noisy, uncomfortably and, because they are not well tolerated, inconsistently used. A dental sleep appliance may even be covered by your insurance.

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