Long Island's Finest Coffee Shops

Don't let your inner java connoisseur pass up the opportunity to check out Long Island's finest! The next time you're in the neighborhood, stop in at one of these popular coffee joints:

Cyrus Chai Coffee Company in long islandCyrus: Chai & Coffee Company

This comfortable establishment offers coffee ground on-site from beans imported from all over the world and vegan-friendly specialty drink options. Not sure yet what you want to drink? Cyrus will encourage you to have a smell or two from a selection of tea leaves and coffee beans to figure out what appeals.

Tend Coffee

Perhaps you are more of the sort who enjoys picking up good coffee to brew at home. Visit Tend to stay or to take away! Tend has several different kinds of bagged coffee for sale all of which is roasted on-site. Check this place out the next time you're in Long Island for great organic coffee with quick service.


For a family-run and cozy local operation, stop by Georgio's located in Long Island, NY. Georgio's knows coffee, so you should know Georgio's! When you visit Georgio's, you can be sure you'll take away a funny story and/or some helpful coffee advice from the owner himself.

Gentle Brew

Come visit Gentle Brew for the best deal on the island. There's plenty of room to lounge and enjoy your coffee at leisure in a quiet and laid-back environment. Gentle Brew offers a wide variety of delicious snacks and takes their coffee seriously!

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