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This post is the start of something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Putting up photos of my work up on a regular basis. Showing off some of my dental art work and showing some of the less desirable dentistry that comes into my office and how we get our patients smiles back.

These first photos are of a molar tooth that had root canal treatment. I decided to keep most of the existing tooth structure by doing a ceramic onlay. The onlay is fused to the tooth and creates a very durable tooth.

Lots of dentists would crown this tooth, a crown covers all the tooth above the gum line. An onlay is my preferred way to restore a tooth like this. I feel it is more conservative and gives the patient a less invasive restoration. I believe these onlays allow me to be the best dentist I can be.

Molar prepped for onlay

Tooth shaped for porcelain onlay

Porcelain onlay

The ceramic restoration before bonding to the tooth

Bonded Porcelain Onlay

The final seamless restoration

These ceramic restorations are made through CAD CAM technology.

The onlays are cut out of a block of very hard ceramic material which has the ability to bond to tooth structure. I have been successfully using this technique of restoring teeth for the last 25 years. Dental materials have evolved during that time. I feel that these current materials may have the ability to last my patients a lifetime.

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