Regular Vs. Diet Soda – Which is Better for Your Mouth?

Both regular and diet sodas can damage your mouth, but is one safer than the other? They both can have the potential to be a bit better than the other, but neither of them are good for your mouth.

Both provide an acidic environment that could cause damage to your teeth, so they should be avoided at all costs. Here is the breakdown of what makes both regular and diet soda good for you, if you can call it that.

Regular vs. Diet Soda, You Pick the Winner

While diet soda does not have sugar to bloom the bacteria in your mouth like regular soda does, the fake sweetener does leave your mouth trying to recover from higher acid levels. Diet sodas do not add calories to your daily diet, but they may also leave you feeling less satisfied after drinking one, which may lead you to eat other sugary treats, which then would cause more issues with your mouth.

Both diet and regular sodas, especially colas, are going to have the potential of staining your teeth, and therefore should be drank with a straw when consumed to keep the damage minimized. Due to the change in acidity within your mouth, you should chase each soda you consume with a glass of water whenever possible. That way, you can help restore some of the normal pH within your mouth.

If soda is your vice and you struggle to go a day without it, contact our office about the effects that it could be having on your teeth. The more open you are with your dentist, the more that your dentist can do to help keep your teeth healthy. Speak with your dentist sooner, rather than later, so that you can keep your teeth healthy despite whatever type of soda you consume.

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